Feeling blessed and thankful!

If you have been following my blog and wondering where I have been, my sweet husband has been ill, and in the hospital.  We were discharged after 11 days in the hospital,  we were in the ICU about a week. We are so thankful to be home. What a year it has been. Ironically our journey started exactly a year ago this month. Last May my husband had surgery for cancer,  then in June another minor surgery. This was followed by 10 weeks of radiation and 18 weeks of chemo.  We finished our chemo treatments the end of February.  My husband is doing better, he is gaining strength but it will just take time. 
    I have learned a lot during this, but I wanted to share these 2 things. First I have received many cards, and sweet messages  from dear friends and family.  And the power of a card is huge!! It's like a big bear hug, when you need it most!!!  It may seem small, but never underestimate the power of a card. It's a game changer!!!
   The other lesson I've learned is to have Thank you cards ready to go. When we were discharged from the hospital I was once again reminded of this. I wanted to thank the nurses and staff that cared for us, and I had to stop by the hospital gift shop, on my way up with the tray of goodies. So...note to self, have plenty of thank you cards ready! 
   Over the next couple of days instead of sharing my own creations,  I thought I will be sharing some cards that  I received that cheered me up.
  Like all things in life, this was not perfect timing for us. Last year I earned the big Stampin' Up trip to the Mediterranean, my first time to earn such a trip. How exciting, right!!! However, my husband is incapable of going, so Rome will have to wait!!!!  The cruise actually disembarks today. This is very sad for both of us!! We have been surrounded by friends and family through this ordeal, so we are celebrating the important things in our life!!

 Here's our cruise stuff!! There is a time for all things, this just wasn't our time!! There is a bible verse that says this perfectly, Ecclesiastes 3 1-8, to everything there is a season, and time to every purpose under heaven.

Here's a couple of sweet cards I received:

Is this the sweetest card?? This is from our dear friend Denise. I am so blessed to have as my friend!!! We share a love our lil dogs. She is so creative, she made this using the Balloon Builders stamp set. I really haven't played with that stamp set yet, but I will!! Too cute!!

This sweet card is from my dear friend Sylvia. This brought tears to my eyes, she is battling cancer herself. If you have personally gone through cancer, or by the side of a family member with cancer, then you understand the impact!!!

Have a blessed day,

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  1. Thinking of you both with continued thoughts and prayers~