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Tool Tuesday: Sticky Strip

Today's tool is Sticky Strip. I usually call this 'red tape', it's little nickname like you would give to a friend! :) I LOVE this stuff, for 3-D or some type of project that has a structure, like a box,  or a mini-album. You may ask yourself, do I really need one more adhesive? Well this one really is essential when making 3-D projects or heavy embossed cards, something that really needs alot of stick power!! This is kinda like the superman of adhesives! Definitely a must have for your go-to tools!!

Sticky Strip

This super-strong adhesive will hold together a a box or pouch like a dream! It won't lift or curl, warp or wrinkle. You can use it to adhere other craft-related embellishments such as beads, glitter or embossing powder.


  • double-sided, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive
  • acid free
  • 1/4" wide
  • 10 yards
  • comes in a zippered plastic bag for convenient storage


  • One tip I have for you that buys you a little 'wiggle' room when using the Sticky Strip is to run a glue stick along the Sticky Strip before you place it in place and this will give you a little time to maneuver your object to get in in perfect place, before it's too permanent!!
  • The backing of the tape can sometimes be tricky to remove. It's like a contact tape, so rub with your finger or bone folder before peeling the backing.  Rubbing it actually warms up the glue and makes it easier to peel off.
  • For a quick WOW, add a strip and pour glitter on it!!! 
Have a great day!!

Click here to order Sticky Strip!!

Janet Holmes


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