Stampin' Up Dallas Catalog Premiere

I am SO excited for tonight!! Tonight is the Premiere for the new catalog for the Dallas area. This is the first time Stampin' Up has had this event!! I am unsure of exactly what it will entail. So I can hardly wait!! I was selected to be in a focus group, and have a little get-together before it starts!! WAHOO!! I just wanted to share my excitement!!!


This is what our invitation looked like!

Here's a poem one of my friends sent me....soo cute! My husband was like, you guys are gonna have some fun!!

Twas the night before premier and all through the land
Not a demo was sleeping, wanting that book in their hand
The ticket was printed and in their wallet it went
Necessary for entrance, (it can not be lent)
The demos were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of inked rubber danced in their heads
Plans were made, times were allotted
Dinner with friends who were soon to be spotted
The excitement will grow
From our head to our toes
New colors, new rubber, new buttons and trim
Wondering by all, just where to begin
Tomorrowtomorrow, we’ll give all a shout
Come far and come yander
Have a great day!!

Janet Holmes

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  1. Love the poem! It sounds like something my hubby would have done.