Stampin' Up Bone Folder

Tool Tuesday : Stampin' Up's Bone Folder

When I think of essential tools, the Bone Folder comes to mind. The Bone Folder is one of those tools you will use over and over again, every time you make a card, a box, envelop, or scrapbook page. I have one in all my class boxes for each person.  As it may not seem like the 'latest' or the most complicated of tools, that's it's charm. It is a tool that is very simple to use, but makes a BIG impact! The Bone Folder gives your handmade projects crisp, clean folds. Use it for everything from getting beautiful folds to distressing the edges of cards, a scrapbook page, or accent.

Bone Folder

  • 6 inches long
  • Made of Genuine cattle bone (maybe a longhorn, for all you fellow Texans!!  ha-ha!!)
  • Point on one end only
  • Due to the organic nature of the product, the shape may vary slightly

  • Scores, burnishes and distresses paper
  • Creates clean crisp folds
  • can be used to breakdown paper fibers to create different looks- like curling paper
  • use the pointed end to score you paper
  • use the two beveled sides to burnish a smooth fold without leaving marks
One idea that comes to mind to me is 'it's the little things that make the difference'

Have a great day!! click here to order this tool today, you will LOVE it for years to come!

Janet Holmes

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