Stampin' Up Leadership in Houston and Community Service

This is my second day in Houston, at the Stampin' Up convention. This was full of new ideas and sharing. One of the reasons I like about Stampin' Up is the connections you make, and hopefully the difference you can make in someones life. Isn't that the reason we send thoughtful cards and happy wishes someones way?

So on Thursday Stampin' Up demonstrators made 10,000 birthday kits to give to Herman Memorial Hospital, to children who are spending their special day in the hospital, hopefully this will make their day a little better! Way to go!

Of course we saw plenty of new product, one of the coolest was the new pen sets. They are kinda a combo pen and blending pen. Basically they come in a pack of 3 in one color, but the hue varies from light to dark. For instance Old Olive would have a "light" Old Olive and "medium" Old Olive and "dark" Old Olive. Super cool!! They are alcohol based so they dry fast, and you control the color darkness. The prices they told us were a pack of 3 would be $11.95 in US. Pretty exciting, he is holding up a color chart here with all the colors available.

This is here demonstrating the new pens, they will be available in late January.

Will post more, so please check back, the schedule here is busy!!

Thanks for being a part of my journey!!

Janet Holmes

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