Stampin' Up Rising Star trip 2013

Hi! I am so excited to be on this trip! This year I received Stampin' Up's Rising Star award. I am here in Salt Lake along with 3 other Rising Star recipients. We have been having a good time!!  Busy, learning all the in's and outs.

So follow me on my journey......  Before we arrived, the four of us decided to do a Christmas card swap between ourselves.  Well no pressure in that right???  I mean these guys are good.... and now I have to swap with them! Wow! So I designed my card from a box that I received from my friend Mary, at our monthly demonstrator swap.  Here is her box.

Is that cute or what? I so LOVE being a part of our group because it really is like family we share ideas freely, help each other out, I just can't say enough about it!! So I transformed her box into this card.

Is that cute? Notice the "brick" that is made with the Chalk Marker and simply a ruler! I thought it turned out cute! What do you think? My husband (who is the FINAL card checker) ha-ha!! liked it too!

So on Sunday we arrived in Salt Lake and I was greeted by a driver (with a sign) man did I feel special.

from there off to the hotel, where we all had our own rooms, actually small suites that included a living area and bedroom area. In my room this is what was waiting for me.

I thought that was so fun....

So for the evening Sunday, as the rest of the Rising Star recipient's came in (one from Michigan, Georgia and Canada) we all met and ate dinner and got to know each other. Prior to this we had only met for maybe 2 minutes on stage....   :)

On Monday our full schedule would begin. Check back to follow with me. I also know that if your reading this then you are one of the reasons I am here, so THANK YOU for always believing  in me!!

Will be posting more, so check back.....


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