Stampin' Up Rising Star Trip 2013 Day 1

So our day started out at the home office of Stampin' Up in beautiful Salt Lake (the trees here are just gorgeous with all the fall colors and mountains in the background). The home office is where all the meat and bones of Stampin' Up happens, from stamp design, to INCREDIBLE displays of cards, scrapbook pages, fun table setting ideas, you name it!! So when you walk in, it is a WOW!!

We were greeted by the CEO, and staff from all departments.... really made me feel special.

We started off with breakfast, and look at this....

Is that gorgeous??

Here is the bag they gave us, that had little surprises inside...

after breakfast we got our agenda for the day....

Do you see what I see.... dinner with Shelli tonight!!! (her and her sister are the Co-Founder's of Stampin' say the least, she's kinda a big deal!!! wahoo!!

So next we went to the line, where orders are picked and packaged and off they go...

What a production... We actually got to fill some boxes (don't worry they double checked us!!)  :)

Here I am, hard at work...

Actually I really don't think they would hire me for this..... ha-ha!

From here we had more training and picking our brains to get to know each one of us, and what common threads we have, and how we got here. If you are reading this and thinking "could I be the next Rising Star?" the answer is yes! Email me I would love to talk to you.

So some areas and products I am unable to show, until they are released. Actually they didn't let us see some stuff too. (anticipation!!)

Here are some of the graphic designers who actually design the stamp sets.

She was showing us one of her favorites that she designed, Wetlands. She has been with the company for 23 years designing!! She gave us all this SWEET of her. They were all so nice to us!!

Here is another designer, she designs more realistic stamp sets, check this out

Do you recognize that stamp set?? so cool

Here are some pictures of all the creative ideas.....I just want to go home and stamp like crazy!!  :) It's like the best candy store ever!!!

Is that gorgeous??

All these ideas just in every corner you look..

Here's Shelli's office

From there we had more training and were able to play with some new stuff.... LOVE IT!!

Then off  to a nice dinner with Shelli and her daughter Sara. It was very special!! Our group was small and intimate, what a treat!!!

Then off to My Digital Studio training, this was fun, we did this at our hotel (because it was getting late as you can imagine, so we all got in our comfy clothes and played)

But wait, more dessert, we all needed a little sugar at this point.

And that was day 1!! what an amazing day!!

Check back for more fun!!!

Janet Holmes

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